We develop simple solutions to the complex challenge facing marketers’ ultimate goal of targeting consumers on the go in real time; wherever they are, whenever is crucial and by their demographic. We realise that marketing budgets are finite and must be directed towards advertising platforms anticipated to result in the highest ROI on marketers investment.

ADitude Media Place Based Media advertising platform does just that

Targets consumers by demographic, location, time of day, and more.

Advertisers pay only for ads displayed, on a per impression basis. No long term committed contracts.

Integration with physical web emerging standards means coupons and discounts, sales events are communicated via beacons to consumers mobile smart devices in real time.

Marketers access all of these services by setting up self managed accounts, create automated advertising campaigns by depositing their advertising creations.

Set targeting parameters for each content, establish budget for each advertisement and decide on the value they would assign to each.

Set back, monitor the campaign performance in real time, as well as apply changes to campaign dynamics in real time.


Reaches people on the go

Our digital advertising networks consist of strategically located large format TVs seamlessly connected as one physical web integrated with mobiles in geofences around each TV in the network. Controlled by cloud servers.  The TVs detect demographics around them and communicate with our servers to request and display targeted ads, and simultaneously send out Bluetooth alerts for related discounts, coupons, etc.

Drive foot traffic

The combination of targeted advertisements and related coupons, discounts, etc. help drive foot traffic into stores participating in the advertising campaigns.

Improve conversion rates

Coupons alerts via Bluetooth while ads are being displayed are designed to give instantaneous incentives to mobile users to act on sales opportunities.

Increase purchase size

The opportunity to save by acting on deep discounted offerings usually result in more purchases during the same visit to a participating store. Our coupons alerts usually contain multiple coupons as directed by the participating stores.

Marketing for mobile generation

Younger demographic are attached to their mobiles. Smartphones are always consulted by users checking for better values, etc. Mobile beacon alerts are natural extension to marketing to the younger generation.

Integration of loyalty programs

Loyalty programs integration provides an opportunity for actual data on the effectiveness of the marketing and advertising campaigns. Loyalty programs will provide valuable data on the conversion of mobile users viewing the coupons and those who actually used the coupons.