Marketing for mobile generation

Younger generation armed with mobile smartphones are forcing marketers to rethink advertising campaigns designed for mass marketing for TV broadcast and out of home billboards.

ADitude Media targeted advertising networks present a winning strategy for the marketer.

Marketers are now able to design advertising campaigns for real time targeted advertising for local markets and fine tune such campaigns to locals such as shopping malls, transit routes, airports departure lounges and gates with travellers information of interest for their destinations.

Advertisers signup on ADitude Media network, establish accounts, upload their advertisements campaigns creatives, set targeting parameters for each creative and the monetary value they are prepared to allocate for that advertisment each time it is displayed (pay per impression).

Advertisers may purchase up to 100% of the time on any conneted display on the network up to 100% (share of voice on the display…. SOV).

In Store customer engagement

Once in store, customer engagement can take on various formats. Loyalty programs for those who redeem coupons, additional offers on their smartphones communicated to them via in-store screens and integrated beacons, etc.