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ADM ADitude Media’s proactive targeted ad network enables to you to reach your target markets in real time wherever they are and when it matters. Our pay per impression business model gives you full control over your advertising budgets and maximises your return on investment by playing the right ads to the right audience and at the right time. Integration with open beacon technology is a powerful tool to follow up on your ads with targeted offerings alerts to nearby smartphones with no apps barriers . Our sophisticated real time demographic targeting and algorithms ensures your ads are targeted and yield high retention rates.

DOOH Owners/Venues

Partnering with ADM ADitude Media is more than simply installing large format TV screens at your venue and hope to monetize.  Our proactive real time targeted advertising technology is designed for hyperlocal and national targeted advertising. This means more sales for products, services in your venue. Our proactive technology ensures complete control over the type of contents you aim to display in your venue and gives you the possibility to advertise your own contents. Whatever your preferences are, we are here to make them happen.

Why Aditude

Real Time Demographic Data

Whether you want to monitor your visitors’ demographic, engage your audience or manage sales promotions in real time, our face detection technology is tailored for you. Embedded in a mini computer and powered by our patent (pending) algorithm, our solution identifies visitors demographic and provides anonymous useful data in real time to meet your needs and requirements.

Maximize Your ROI

Determine your target audience, we will display ads that matter to them at the right time and at the right place. You only pay for those ads that matters. Say goodbye to the days of scheduled loops of advertisements, and say hello to real time targeting. ADM ADitude Media’s face detection enabled ad networks helps you expand the reach of your advertising budgets.

ADM ADitude Media ad network is

• SMART, it memorizes your ad campaigns and all their triggering parameters (age, gender, location, etc.)

• SIMPLE, just upload your ads, set the campaign parameters and we take care of the rest. No more waiting, nor long delays, nor upfront commitment, you only pay per view.

• DIRECT delivering your ad campaigns to your target audience at the right time and the right place.



Patient TV in waiting rooms entertains and educates visitors. Practices’ focus are different and hence content should be tailored to address patient needs to know related to the environment.


ADitude targeted digital advertising on large format connected TVs provide great value for BIA members and merchants in reaching out to BIA visitors.


Mall visitors desire to know their way to various merchants in the mall. Hence wayfinding tools integrated with mall directory.

Real Estate

Display setting contains reference to MLS ID, price, address, etc. Various graphical and multimedia presentations associated with the property are displayed.

About Us

ADM ADitude Media's 360 consumer centric place based media and mobile advertising solutions target shoppers on the go, right when they are ready to buy.

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